Sunday, November 25, 2012

DIY Christmas Wreaths Using Danimals Smoothies

Remember how I told you that my daughter's preschool is trying to win a $30,000 playground makeover from Dannon by participating in the Danimals Rally for Recess promotional contest? Well because of that, we drink a lot of danimals smoothies around here so here's my Danimals Christmas Wreath made with foam board, hot glue, and wired ribbon.

Oh and don't forget, if your family drinks these or if you are a fan of the blog and willing to pick some up during your next trip to the grocery store, IF YOU WOULD PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me the special RALLY FOR RECESS code printed on the inside of the cardboard sleeve (not the UPC code but the code stamped on the inside of the packaging, I would so appreciate it.  You can send those to

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kid Cooking - Thanksgiving Treat with a Message

I love my daughter's little preschool so much.  They do cooking once a month which she loves and I wanted to share this sweet recipe that she came home with yesterday.  This would be a fun teaching tool to do with your little ones while preparing them for Thanksgiving.

2 cups of Bugles corn snacks (Horn of Plenty or an Indian tee-pee)
1 cup of candy corn (Indian corn that pilgrims ate at the first Thanksgiving)
1 cup of dried fruit (a sweet harvest)
2 cups of pretzels (arms folder in prayer)
1 cup of sunflower seeds (a bountiful harvest)
1 cup of peanuts (acorn because God takes care of the animals too!)

Mix together and serve with friendship and love.  Recipe makes 8 servings.

 Image from The Mommy Files


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