Thursday, October 11, 2012

Family Halloween Costumes

I am a HUGE DORK, lover of family-themed Halloween Costumes.  Thankfully, I have a husband who plays along and even gets into it himself. 

In 2009, Brenna was a Ghost and we were Ghostbusters!

The Handy Husband and I made our costumes from a plain white paint suit from Home Depot which cost about $7 each.  The backpacks/ghostbuster guns were assembled from spare parts from the garage and a print-out of the Ghostbusters Logo from the computer.  The straps on the backpack and the red stripes on the suits are duct tape. 

Our little ghost, Brenna Boo's, costume was a Casper-onsie purchased from Walmart for $3, a black and white tutu, and personalized bloomers from Etsy's CustomClothesForKids

In 2010, we had a princess themed family getup:  Brenna, of course is the princess, Daddy will be sporting a Prince ensemble while I will be the EVIL QUEEN...muahahaha! 

Last year, I had a 2 week old so I didn't dress up myself (other than being a symbolic cow), but Brenna was another princess and my mother-in-law knitted this precious apple costume for baby so we told everyone she was our poison apple.

Cute Halloween Party Food:

More Fun Family themed Halloween costumes:

My Mommy Squader, Amanda's, family went as the Flintstones last year.  Super Cute!

Another Mommy Squader, Jill, did a Mommy-Daughter Cat Combo! 

Laurie, the fabulous Tip-Junkie featured a great post about Family-themed Halloween Costumes.  Check it out.  Some of my favorites were this Incredibles Costume and the Condiments. 

Here are a few ideas from Halloween Express:

Family Costume Ideas

And a few more from Busy Siblings

Do you like dressing up the whole family?  I'd love to hear about some of your favorite themes. 

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