Monday, October 29, 2012

Practically Free Frosties!

As you might remember, I am obsessed with stocking up on Wendy's frosty books this time of year.

Stop by participating Wendy's restaurants until October 31 and get Trick or Treat books with 10 FREE Jr. Frosty coupons for only $1.  They are good through February.

This is such a great deal.  For the last 3 years, I've bought 10 books.  That means I get to have 100 frosties for $0.10 each.  SCORE!  The junior size frosty is the absolute perfect size for a special treat for yourself or your little one.

According to Livestrong there are approximately 170 calories in a Junior Size Frosty (6 ounces).  Not too bad.

No joke, I usually go through the drive-thru and order 10 at a time and stick them in my freezer.  They last for a month or two.  I bring my cooler...I have no shame.

Remember, you only have until Oct 31st to buy them and they are redeemable through Feb 1st!  Yumm!!!  Go get your frosty on!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

DIY Halloween Lights

My daughter's preschool is banding together to try and win a $30,000 playground makeover from Dannon in their Rally for Recess promotion.  We have all been drinking a lot of these Danimals smoothies and another mom at our school made this absolutely adorable Halloween Lights using the empty bottles!  I just love this.  Check out her blog for more of her adorable DIY creations.

Here's how she did it.  She used black vinyl for the eyes and mouth but a sharpie would work too.  She even let her kids help by drawing on some of the faces.  Just grab yourself a pair of white string lights, and any ribbon you have laying around the house.  Punch a hole in the sides and then cut down the side to the hole.  The hole allows for a place for the lights to rest.  
Kelly said snowmen are in the works for Christmas.  I also plan on making a tacky Christmas wreath for my daughter's classroom using some of the empty red and green bottles.  Any other ideas for a gazillion empty yogurt bottles?

And speaking of the danimals smoothies, these really are great snacks.  My kids and myself love them and at 70 calories, they have less sugar than regular yogurt and no high fructose corn syrup.  If your family drinks these or if you are a fan of the blog and willing to pick some up during your next trip to the grocery store, IF YOU WOULD PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me the special RALLY FOR RECESS code printed on the inside of the cardboard sleeve (not the UPC code but the code stamped on the inside of the packaging, I would so appreciate it.  You can send those to  Here's what you're looking for at the grocery store.

Thanks so much!!!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Family Halloween Costumes

I am a HUGE DORK, lover of family-themed Halloween Costumes.  Thankfully, I have a husband who plays along and even gets into it himself. 

In 2009, Brenna was a Ghost and we were Ghostbusters!

The Handy Husband and I made our costumes from a plain white paint suit from Home Depot which cost about $7 each.  The backpacks/ghostbuster guns were assembled from spare parts from the garage and a print-out of the Ghostbusters Logo from the computer.  The straps on the backpack and the red stripes on the suits are duct tape. 

Our little ghost, Brenna Boo's, costume was a Casper-onsie purchased from Walmart for $3, a black and white tutu, and personalized bloomers from Etsy's CustomClothesForKids

In 2010, we had a princess themed family getup:  Brenna, of course is the princess, Daddy will be sporting a Prince ensemble while I will be the EVIL QUEEN...muahahaha! 

Last year, I had a 2 week old so I didn't dress up myself (other than being a symbolic cow), but Brenna was another princess and my mother-in-law knitted this precious apple costume for baby so we told everyone she was our poison apple.

Cute Halloween Party Food:

More Fun Family themed Halloween costumes:

My Mommy Squader, Amanda's, family went as the Flintstones last year.  Super Cute!

Another Mommy Squader, Jill, did a Mommy-Daughter Cat Combo! 

Laurie, the fabulous Tip-Junkie featured a great post about Family-themed Halloween Costumes.  Check it out.  Some of my favorites were this Incredibles Costume and the Condiments. 

Here are a few ideas from Halloween Express:

Family Costume Ideas

And a few more from Busy Siblings

Do you like dressing up the whole family?  I'd love to hear about some of your favorite themes. 


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