Monday, September 17, 2012

Rustic Bridal Shower

I had the pleasure of co-hosting a bridal shower this weekend for my bff, Schecky.

I love making these banners.  They are completely reusable and are a relatively inexpensive way to really dress up a table or spread.  Free printable

We decided on a signature cocktail "The Schecky Sangria"  We used 16 oz regular mouthed Mason jars with chalkboard labels (black vinyl) and used white chalk for the labels.  I had read online that you could sharpen a piece of chalk with a pencil sharpener but it didn't work very well for me.  If someone makes a special chalk sharpener, would have loved that.  I think a white crayon would have also worked and smudged less.

Paper Straws on Etsy

Burlap bar covering purchased at Michael's.

For favors, everyone got to take home a mini bottle of Sangria.  Custom label read:  Love is Sweet, See you in December.  Because the caps were orange, we covered them with burlap and a ribbon.

Advice tags: we used these spruced up wish tags from Michaels and just glued some scrapbook paper to the back.  Everyone was to write a piece of advice for the couple and drop them in the box.  At the end of the night, we put all the tags on a key ring for the bride-to-be.

There are a few similar poems like this floating around online.  I took from 2 or 3 and kinda combined them all to get this:

As Michelle and Brian embark on their adventure
As a new mr. and mrs.
They'd love to read your advice
Your blessings and your wishes

Share with them your wisdom
Of marriage, love, and life
How to be a loving husband
Or a kind and caring wife

Please take a tag, sign your name,
And offer a kind thought
These will be their keepsake 
Once they tie the knot

We send them off with our love
And hope their days are filled with laughter
They will use your words to guide them
To their happily ever after

Games:  Our two games worked well for a bride that was very much opposed to anything cheesy.

Game 1:  Caption Contest.  We took 4 pictures of the couple in random scenarios and had everyone write a funny caption for each.  The bride then selected 1 winner for each and read some of the honorable mentions as well.  People were pretty darn funny.

Game 2 was a famous couples worksheet.  We put the groom's name as #8 and to make it a little interactive, we called out people's names to read out their answers rather than just reading the answers one-by-one.

Each table had a floral centerpiece made up of 1 bunch of hydrangea and 3 roses.  They were in mason jars wrapped in burlap and tied with a ribbon.  M&M filled vases.  L.O.V.E candles from Michael's.  Scrapbook paper and a custom frame.  These were plain wooden frames that I painted pink and mod podged with some scrapbook paper strips.

The shower was held at Bizarre Cafe in Lake Worth.

My lovely co-host Allison (Schecky's sister) and me.  I loved planning this with Allison.  When I would get obsessive over small details, she'd have a no-brainer easy fix for me that saved me time and headaches.

I hope Schecky had the best day.  I loved planning it for her cause I love her to pieces!!!!  My advice I left for her on the tag which I truly mean was "Be as good of a friend to each other as Schecky has been to me over the years and you will be Golden"



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