Monday, February 14, 2011

Farm Themed 2nd Birthday Party

Our last 2nd birthday party of the "season" was Trey's farm-themed birthday party.  This was one of the most fun parties we've been to this year.  There was such attention to detail but the party never strayed from being all about the kids.  Trey's momma, Antoinette, did a fabulous job!

Welcome to the Farm!
Photo by Brooke Logue Photography

Lemonade and Water in Old-Timey Buckets
Photo by Brooke Logue Photography

The Birthday boy and his main squeeze.
Adorable layout.  Seating composed of tables and chairs and bales of hay covered with red and white checkered coverings.

The toddler-sized picnic table that seats 20 kids that my wonderful Handy Husband built.  This table was carted around to 5 different houses this year and served as the perfect cake table for all the little ones.  Thanks, HH, you're the best!

The Piggy and Cow Pops as favors on all the kids table.
Photo by Brooke Logue Photography

Photo by Brooke Logue Photography

My precious piggy!

Birthday Boy's Shirt
Photo by Brooke Logue Photography

Farm themed party complete with the John Deere powerwheels.  I die over this picture!

Mr. Donkey, of the petting zoo.  Yes there is a petting zoo at this party.  Keep scrolling down.

Great swing set in the background, cow balloons, and kids on mini tractors.  Freaking Adorable!!!

Beverages served out of a wheel barrel.

The Petting Zoo!!!

Marina petting a goat.

A wild turkey that would "google" back at you. 

Some sort of birds...

Adorable party hats!

Cake time!  Prepare yourself for the cuteness of these cakes that were made by the birthday boy's proud aunt.

Piggy Cake
Photo by Brooke Logue Photography

Mr. Bear Cake
Photo by Brooke Logue Photography

Cow Cake!

This party was adorable and such such fun for the kids (and the adults!).

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