Friday, October 15, 2010

The Pancake Guy from Rachael Ray

I was flipping channels yesterday when I came across Jim, the Pancake Guy on Rachael Ray and I couldn't believe my eyes!  This Mommy LOVES Jim the Pancake Guy!!!

Now you all know how much my little one loves Pancakes,  (You don't?  Well that's ok, I'll refresh your memory.  Take a look at her recent Pancakes and Pajamas Party) so imagine my delight when I saw Jim making the most amazing Pancakes...more like works of art. 

Um...Yes, these are edible pancakes!!!

Got any honey for those Pancakes?
beehive pancake
3D Dinosaur Pancake
Birdhouse pancake

Haha...gross, but hilarious!
The Potty Pancake
So cute!


These are just a few of some of his Pancake creations!  Hop on over to Jim's Blog for the full story or check his facebook page for more photos!

My email to my Handy Husband:  "Honey, check out this pancake guy, he's amazing"

HH:  "This is ridiculous. I am definitely stepping up my game this weekend."

Healthy competition is good :-)


  1. Oh my gosh! That is awesome!!! My lil one loves to eat pancakes. She would probably eat them for every meal if I let her. So many new ideas to try! Usually I just make plain old boring pancakes, sometime I get wild and add food coloring. LOL Thanks!

  2. Ummm YUM! I'm not sure that I am equipped to take these on but I know Av would love them! She is a pancake lover too!


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