Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cheap DIY Infant Halloween Costume

This is one of my favorite pics from Brenna's first Halloween when she was only 2 months old.  I wasn't really sure what I wanted to dress her up as and let's face it, as a mom of a 2 month old, I didn't really have my act together yet.  At the last minute I came up with this DIY, no-sew infant cow costume. 

Total cost:  Under $3

Supplies Needed:

1) Plain white onsie
2) Sticky-back black felt
3) Tiny Cowbell (located in craft supplies isle)
4) String/Ribbon for the cowbell necklace

All you have to do is cut irregular shaped patches out of your sticky-backed felt and plop them on a onsie.  Then string a little cowbell through a piece of ribbon and you're done.  Moo.

Here's another cute DIY Infant costume from my pal Michelle of The Real Life Mom.  Her skeleton/ballerina is so cute! 

She also did a post recently on  How to Make your Own Fairy Wings!  Check it out!

Looking for fun family themed Halloween Costumes, be sure to check out this post!
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  1. Love! Such a cute and easy idea. Which easy is the key word with anyone with a tiny baby! I love how creative you are Jenn. You inspire me to try new things! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh that is so adorable. And I love how simple it is! I bet you could customize it with the sticky felt and make tons of cute costumes! Thanks for sharing!

    Amie @ http://www.kittycatsandairplanes.blogspot.com/

  3. Oh my goodness! Not only is that picture just adorable, or the costume- but your daughter! Oh my- she's so cute!!

  4. Hi! Such a cute and easy idea! Stopping by from Wandering Wednesday. I hope you'll stop by soon!


  5. Moo? I actually laughed at that! I may have just been giddy at how scrumptious that baby is, and for a new mommy, you had your crafting thing down pat.

  6. Cute costume!

    Submit it in my Handmade Halloween Costume Contest starting today - October 15th.

    Party and Entertaining Inspiration

  7. Thanks for the link Jenn! I love your new post on themed Halloween costumes! Great post!

  8. Hey Jenn, I totally missed commenting on this like a month ago, :( sorry. Saw it, just didn't comment. Very cute, and easy, and commfy, which is what every baby needs their first halloween.

    I'm linking this up to my last party **6 weeks 2 SPook**, I just want all things that are halloween, there, hope you dont mind. It will be safe for next year, lol.

    Thanks again, for linking up!


  9. I am looking for the infant costumes having cheap prices, But the costumes should look fantastic.


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