Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tissue Paper Poms - Party Decoration Tutorial

Over the next couple weeks, I'll be posting tutorials on different elements found in my recent Pancakes and Pajamas Party.

I love tissue paper pom poms because they are cheap and easy to make.  In fact, my mom was over and we made 8 beautiful poms all while my daughter was napping.  You can make them in many different sizes.  For this party, I made larger poms that were about 15 inches in diameter.

I bought my tissue paper at Walmart for $1.00 per pack of 10 sheets and used all 10 full sheets for each pom.  So it cost me $1 per pom.  If you are going to make more than 5 or 10 poms, or you are looking for exact colors, you might want to try PaperMart for bulk purchases.

Start out with 8-10 sheets of tissue paper. 

Step 1:  Take your tissue paper and fold like an accordian back and forth in 1 1/2 inch sections.

Keep folding til you get to the end.

Step 2: Cut edges into a point for starburst-like poms or make the ends rounded for flower-like poms.

Step 3: Fold tissue in half and take floral wire to twist at center.

Step 4:  GENTLY unfold the paper, one layer at a time.  Start spreading and make sure you pull apart the layers all the way to the center of the pom where your floral wire is for the fullest effect.

Here's a starburst (pointy-edge) one!

And this one on the end is more rounded and flower-like. 

Last step is to tie fishing string to the center of the pom, attached to the floral wire and string from the ceiling!

Voila!  Beautiful party decorations!

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  1. What a fun blog! Your daughter is ADORABLE! Thanks so much for checking out my linky party! Have a fabulous Tuesday!

  2. I love these. I love to hang them up and then I can't part with them! You showed it beautifully!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing!!! It will definitely come in handy for my upcoming Halloween party!

  4. Hi, Just popped on over from DIY Blog party. Love your blog. It is fantastic. I made these pom poms for my 4th of July party! They are great!

  5. Jenn, you are too sweet. I would LOVE to FEATURE you. Come on over and go to my pages up top, where it says Amaze me August, and go tot the bottom of the page where the newest party is on top. Then follow the directions, and link to your specific post (just click on the post name and then copy that URL to the link up) Become a follower on my blog, if ya want he he, and check out some of those other awesome projects. Link parties are super great fun, and you get so many ideas, and hopefully some extra traffic and exposure to your site. Watch out next Tuesday for all my FEATURES. Keep up the great tutorials, I love this pom pom one, it's so easy to follow along. Thanks for stopping by, and come join the party. Bella :)

  6. lol, I am the BLUE one on your followers, I have my full name on there, but I should fix it so it's more easy to realize it's me, he he. Thanks for adding me, and I will keep you in mind next Tuesday!!!! Thanks Jenn!!

  7. These look so fun. I've always wanted to make some. Thanks for the step by step.

  8. I am so stealing...err, getting inspired by this idea! I think I'm going to make some for Halloween!!!

  9. Can you make smaller ones by lessening the number of papers (to 5 maybe?) or cutting the paper in half?


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