Saturday, September 11, 2010

How To Make Chicken Stock

Now that Fall is upon us and the weather will soon start to cool (at least for those of you not living in Florida), it's time to start making yummy soups and stews for dinner or to keep in the freezer.  I go in phases with food.  I won't make a pot of soup for 8 months, and then all of the sudden I will make a different kind of soup twice a week for a month.  So I can go through a lot of chicken broth.  Last year, I finally decided to stop buying stock at the grocery store and make my own.  I am more of a semi-homemade gal, so I don't really embark on anything that's too difficult.  I leave the difficult stuff to my GMIL (Gourmet Mother-in-Law).  But this is really super easy, so if you want to make your own chicken stock, here's what you do:

Buy a Rotisserie Chicken (or course you can make your own, but I've never made a whole chicken in my life, I prefer to buy it at Costco because they taste better anyway and they are only $4.99.)

After cutting up your chicken and removing the good stuff, take the entire remaining carcass (skin, bones, fat, everything) and throw it in a giant stockpot with some onions, carrots, and fresh herbs. 

Fill with water and bring everything to a boil

Let it boil for 30 minutes stiring occasionally. 

Take a colander and place it inside another large stockpot or bowl that you'll use to catch the stock.

Drain the stockpot full of your carcass and your veggies and herbs.

Lastly, fill several tupperware full and freeze.  Now you'll have fresh, homemade stock for months and I swear you can taste the difference.

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  1. Hey Jen, this caught my eye, and had to come say Hi. I make my own chicken stock all the time, and I am all about people cooking up fresh tasty things at home. Great tutorial, and if you are up to it, I'd love for you to come check out my place, I have some yummy recipes. I am also hosting a new party, and would love for you to keep me in mind next time you link up somewhere. Thanks again. :)

  2. Just found this post on . I've been looking for stock recipe but all the ones I found require hours of cooking .Yours is very simple thanks for sharing I will try it and post about it on my blog .

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